Class of 2011

Susan Carré
College: UC San Diego
Medical School: Stanford University

Susan Carre is from San Jose, California. She majored in biochemistry at University of California, San Diego for undergraduate and graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine. Family medicine was a perfect fit for her as she loves the idea of continuity of care as well as of taking care of the family to understand the person. O’Connor’s Family Medicine program attracted her as the attending physicians all have special interests in Family Medicine creating a well rounded curriculum. She believes O’Connor hospital offers a pleasant environment with a stable workforce and supportive administrative staff. Her ability to converse in Spanish has been useful with the large hispanic population she works with.

Susan is married with two children ages 4 and 2. Her hobbies include sewing, reading, and relaxing with her family. She likes to travel as much and often as possible. She has lived in Australia for a year for education abroad experience and can not wait to go back.

Elise Cheng Torres
College: Stanford
Medical School: Harvard Medical School

Elise was born in Jersey, moved to California when she was 5, and grew up in the Valley, which like totally explains the terrible accent that sometimes comes out late at night or when she tries to speak Spanish. She went to college at Stanford, then moved to the Big Apple to work as a community health educator before going to med school at Harvard.  After 5 years in the cold, she was ecstatic to be able to move back to the Bay Area for FM residency.  She is easily amused and loves being with people, which makes family medicine perfect for her.  She might have ADHD, and her rotating hobbies include painting, making clothes, bags, jewelry, sculpting, digital photography, refurbishing furniture, cooking, baking, reading seriously bad chic lit, and whatever else strikes her fancy (disclaimer: not necessarily any good at any of the above).  She also loves traveling whenever possible, biking with her husband Jerry (although preferably slowly with no hills), and walking her dog Coco!

Steven Kramer
College: Lewis and Clark
Medical School: University of Hawaii
Areas of interest: Policy and family medicine advocacy

I was born and raised in Hawaii before attending undergraduate at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.  As much as the wet cold climate made things beautiful I was glad to go back home for medical school.  Couples matching for residency gave my wife, an OB/GYN resident, and me the opportunity to go experience something new. I could not have ended up at a more perfect residency for me.  I love being surrounded by bright, enthusiastic, and caring individuals.  The staff, attendings and fellow residents make O’Connor a fun place to work as well as pushing me to be the best family medicine physician.

One of things that is wonderful about our program is how the individual goals and interests are fostered.  I have had an interest in policy and advocacy.  I have had the opportunity to attend conferences and training both locally, across the state, and across the country.  Most recently I was able to attend the family medicine congressional conference where I learned how to lobby on behalf of family medicine then went out and did it.  I could not have gotten there without the program’s flexibility and support.

Catherine Lin
College: UC Riverside
Medical School: UCLA

I was born in Augusta, Georgia (yes, I’m a Georgia peach!), but grew up in San Jose, not too far from O’Connor Hospital. After high school, I attended a 7-year BS-MD combined degree program between UC Riverside and UCLA. While I enjoyed my time in Southern California, when it came time to choose a residency program, I wanted to return to the Bay Area. I love the San Jose-O’Connor Family Medicine Program! What drew me to the program were the faculty members as well as the people in the hospital. I was impressed with the faculty’s ability to foster a friendly, laid-back atmosphere while still able to teach.  Every patient is a learning opportunity, no matter how many “R/O MI” patients are admitted to the service!

In my free time, I am an amateur photographer. Frequently, you will see me walking around with my camera in my purse/pocket. It is a hobby that I pursue with my new husband. Yes, I was able to get married during residency!

Jesse Rokicki-Parashar
College: Harvard
Medical School: UC San Diego
Other degrees: MSc in Reproductive Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Areas of Interest: Women’s Health, International Health, Public Health

In college I studied History of Science and loved examining the interactions between medicine and society, but wanted to make a more concrete difference in my community.  With my (now) husband and a few friends I co-founded the IHF, a non-profit that partners with grassroots organizations around the world to address community needs.

At UCSD I found that Family Medicine aligned with how I understand health and illness.  My “aha” moment came the day that I saw mom and baby together with one of my family medicine mentors.  We didn’t have to split them into separate categories!   They had undergone the delivery together, ate, slept and lived together.  Why not take care of them together?  I knew O’Connor was the right program for me because it had everything I was looking for: faculty whose interests matched mine (including several who have do international work and obstetrics), call where we do everything from ICU to OB so we never get too rusty, opportunity to do an international elective, a diverse patient population where I get to speak Spanish every day but not for every visit, a culture of support, and all in an area where I love to live.

Outside of medicine I love to read novels, knit, go to farmer’s markets and spend time with family and friends.

Ankita Gandhi Shah
College:  Northwestern University
Medical School: Rush Medical College
Areas of Interest:  Office procedures, pediatrics, underserved populations
I grew up in Chicago but am loving the great weather in the Bay Area.
I became most interested in Family Medicine through the family doctors I worked with at Rush and doing research and volunteer work with them.  My interest is in underserved populations. I chose O’Connor because of the great people here who always make it fun to come to work. I came out to the Bay Area with my husband.  I love watching movies, reading, and exploring the area whenever we get some free time.
Helen Wong
Medical School: Chicago Medical School

After surviving the long harsh winters in Chicago, no one is as happy as I am to be back in the Bay Area. Under an hour’s drive from my hometown of San Francisco, the south bay is the perfect place to be. I love being a Family Medicine resident at O’Connor. Even though I had to start work the day after my wedding, I have absolutely no regrets about choosing this field and this program. I’m surrounded by fun-loving, easy-going people who make learning a blast. In my free time, I enjoy honing my hand-eye coordination with virtual sports.

Tina Wong
Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Tina’s career at O’ Connor started in high school when she volunteered as a candy striper. After attending Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, she returned to her beloved hometown and hospital, minus the pink and white striped uniform. She is interested in international medicine, having spent time abroad in Uganda, China, and Guatemala during her medical school years. Originally born in Taiwan, she is fluent in Mandarin and English. In her free time, she can be found doing church activities, hanging out in the Great Outdoors, or trying new foods.