Noon Conference Series

At O’Connor we supplement our practical learning with a daily noon conference. The noon conference is 45 minutes in length on most days with two hour sessions twice per month.  The daily noon conference is a required part of our education and is eagerly attended by both faculty, residents and medical students. Participants enjoy speakers from range of specialties including neonatology to neurosurgery and everything in between.

In order to insure every resident has exposure to lectures on essential family medicine core topics several lecture series have been developed. Examples of these include: dermatology, ICU, pediatrics, ER, sports medicine, quality improvement, journal club, practice management, behavioral science, and case conferences. The frequency of the series depends on the topic. Other conferences are tracked with core topics repeated every approximately every 18 months.

Residents gain leadership and help continually improve the curriculum, with two residents per year taking on the responsibility of scheduling noon conferences. These residents have the opportunity to work within the dynamic portion of the conference schedule to implement changes when necessary based on resident and faculty feedback.

Sample Noon Conference Schedule (From April 2010)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Resident Meeting Behavioral Science:  Child Psychiatry
Sports Medicine: Neck Pain CME: Sepsis Tuberculosis Resident/Faculty Meeting Behavioral Science:  Balint Group
Resident Support Group Pediatrics Series Childhood Obesity (2 hour session) Colpscopy Case Conference
Diabetic Ketoacidosis CME Common Hand Problems Family Medicine Case Review ICU Lecture Series:  ABG
M&M Journal Club The Difficult Patient (2 hour session) Medicine Team Lunch Diagnosis/ Treatment of Venous Insufficiency

Behavioral Science Curriculum

Our behavioral science curriculum is led by our Behavioral Science Faculty, Robin Beresford, Frances Respicio, and Kathy Mullins and Greg Sazima.  In addition to the noon conference series residents get yearly feedback on clinical style by Robin Beresford, and participate in a series of workshops:

First Year Second Year Third Year
Families I Families II Cross Cultural Awareness, Integrating Traditional Health Beliefs with Western Medicine
Interviewing skills/Counseling interventions Behavior Change and Health Promotion (two sessions) Domestic Violence II
Crisis Intervention, Grief Reactions, Death and Dying Human Sexuality II Chronic Disease
Taking a Sexual History and Assessing High Risk Behavior Outpatient Management of Substance Abuse Human Sexuality III
Domestic Violence I Pain Management I Families III
Counseling Interventions II