Where We Work

O’Connor Hospital (OCH)
Founded in 1889, O’Connor Hospital is a 358-bed acute care, not-for-profit Catholic hospital that provides advanced medical programs in many specialties.  In keeping with the Mission of the Daughters of Charity to provide care to those who need who need it most, the hospital sponsors the Pediatric Center for Life, the Family Health Center, a Parish Nursing program, Meals on Wheels, and many other community health initiatives.


Indian Health Center Family Health Center (FHC)
The primary outpatient teaching site for the San Jose-O’Connor Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program is the Indian Health Center Family Health Center.  The IHC Family Health Center is an FQHC that currently has 13 examination rooms and 1 procedure room.  It also includes a laboratory for routine procedures such as UA, urine pregnancy tests.  Clinic equipment includes spirometer, video colposcope, and ultrasound are available.  An Electronic Health Record [EHR] is used to maintain all clinical records.  In addition to our continuity visits, we participate in several “specialty clinics” staffed by our faculty within the FHC.

  • Procedure clinic with Dr. Rai or Dr. Kent usually with the resident on surgery or OB.  Includes minor procedures like skin biopsies, colposcopy, cryotherapy, varicose vein sclerotherapy, bartholin gland cyst, ward catheter and pessary placement.
  • Peds clinic: with Dr. Padua.  The intern on OB/Peds sees FHC patients with more complicated outpatient pediatrics issues.
  • Sports Medicine Clinic: The Sports Medicine Clinics provides preparticipation examinations, bio-mechanical evaluations, injury assessment, and musculoskeletal and pain evaluation of athletes for local colleges and universities as well as patients from the IHC Family Health Center and the Family Medicine Associates of San Jose.  Additionally, residents are trained in splinting, casting, and intra-articular joint injections.
  • Psychiatry: a consultation clinic with Dr. Mullins.  Dr. Mullins sees both adults and children for psychiatric evaluations.
  • Diabetes Clinic: with Dr. Yu and Robin Beresford.  Available to any patient with type 2 DM, particularly those starting insulin, who have difficult to control glucose, or who need extra teaching about diet, glucometer use, insulin administration, etc.  A multidisciplinary approach including group visits and “walk and talk” is used and R2s and R3s rotate through the clinic on their ambulatory medicine month.

Family Medical Associates of San Jose
IHC Family Health Center is immediately adjacent to the faculty-practice clinic – the Family Medicine Associates of San Jose (FMASJ) clinic.  This allows residents easy access to many of the core Faculty for consultation during their clinic, and it allows the Faculty to share their medical expertise in assisting residents in the treatment of their patients.  FMASJ has been providing medical care to South Bay residents since 1977. All of FMASJ doctors are board-certified family physicians, providing full-spectrum medical care for you and your family. FMASJ includes preventive health visits (“annual physicals”); acute care of illnesses and injuries; management of chronic diseases (asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart failure, etc.); minor surgical procedures; maternity care, and more.  IUD placement, diaphragm and cervical cap fittings, implantable contraceptives and vasectomies are performed at FMASJ.


Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
As the public hospital for one of the most diverse counties in the United States, SCVMC serves a patient population of incredible variety in culture, language, economic background, and medical problems.  Over 5,000 deliveries a year are attended by residents at their hospital.  SCVMC is 1.5 miles from OCH.


Kaiser Santa Clara
Kaiser Santa Clara consists of a new 327-bed general hospital and office complex that provides health care for approximately 289,000 members, approximately 20% of which are under 18 years old. The pediatric service in which we participate includes a 26-bed pediatric ward and an 8-bed Intensive Care Unit.  At Kaiser, our residents are exposed to the oldest and most efficient managed care system in the United States today. Faculty at Kaiser Santa Clara include pediatricians with subspecialty interests in Pediatric Surgery, Neurology, Pulmonary, Cardiology, Nephrology, Hematology/Oncology, Infectious Disease, Gastroenterology, Critical Care, and Rehabilitation Medicine.  Kaiser Santa Clara is located less than 5 miles from O’Connor Hospital.


PACE CLINIC: The PACE (Partners in AIDS Care and Education) Clinic, located at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, is an outpatient clinic dedicated to providing medical and psychological care for patients with AIDS and HIV-related illnesses.  Dr. Kent, one of the Associate Directors of the San Jose-O’Connor Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program, works as a primary caregiver in the PACE clinic one-half day each week – often with a resident working at his side.


STUDENT HEALTH CLINICS: The San Jose-O’Connor Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program provides medical care at a local community college (San Jose City College).  Residents on rotation at this clinic receive focused training in student health, with first-hand experience in the management of acute orthopedic injuries, anxiety disorders, health care maintenance of young adults, and sexually-transmitted diseases.