Does the residency clinic use an electronic medical record (EMR)?

The O’Connor Family Health Center has used an EMR since 2007 when we went live with Misys EMR.  All of the clinical documentation, messaging, and prescribing is done through the outpatient EMR - now eClinical Works.

Does your program work with socioeconomically underserved populations?

Most of our patients are underserved and “underinsured.”  The majority of the patients we see in the Family Health Center are covered by Medi-Cal, California’s implementation of the Medicaid program that covers low income patients.  In the hospital, we take care of all comers.  Our inpatient patient population is a mix of uninsured, underinsured, and well-insured patients.

What is a clinic session in the Family Health Center like?

Clinic sessions are a mix of acute care, preventive health, and chronic disease management.  First year residents start off seeing 3-4 patients per half day in clinic and ramp up to six patients per half day as they become more comfortable.  By the third year, residents are seeing 8-12 patients per half day.  Faculty physicians are always available in the clinic for consultation, to help with patient care, and for teaching.


Absolutely!  The Family Health Center, our residency clinic, hosts periodic group visits for diabetes and for obesity/lifestyle management. Residents have the opportunity to facilitate these group visits, which focus on enhancing patient self-efficacy, medical knowledge, and support within the group setting.