What do you like most about Our Program?

I’m thrilled to be at O’Connor because the residents, faculty, and staff are so kind and supportive and they foster a very positive learning and work environment.
— Dr. Maryam Dolatshahi, Class of 2017
Amazing faculty, friendly residents, diverse and underserved patient population, and free food at the cafeteria!
— Dr. Eric Matsumoto, Class of 2019
The residents are bright, energetic, and engaging. They teach me something new everyday.
— Dr. Robert Norman, Faculty
In my wildest dreams, I could not have assembled a better faculty group. We have the best group of attendings with very diverse interests (in medicine and outside of medicine), personalities, and styles. They are all incredibly smart, but at the same time incredibly supportive and friendly. I like and respect every single one of them.
— Dr. Elise Cheng-Torres, Class of 2012
The people!! The residents are fun, down-to-earth, amazing people that will not only have fun with you during the good times but also not hesitate to help you out when you are down. Our attendings are all unbelievably knowledgeable about every aspect of family medicine, plus they each have strengths in individual areas (geriatrics, OB, procedural medicine, sports, etc.) that complement each other and enhance our training. Even more amazingly, every single one of them is someone you could call in the middle of the night or pull aside for a question or concern. They really, really care!
— Dr. Annie Chern, Faculty
O’Connor’s Family Medicine program is the residency of my dreams: a community-based, university-affiliated, unopposed program where the training is rigorous and the people are happy and down-to-earth. I love the amazing faculty and residents, nurturing environment, and exceptional quality of teaching. San Jose also happens to be one of my favorite cities — a diverse and vibrant community where I can serve people from all walks of life.
— Dr. Anh Tan, Class of 2019
The amazing people here foster a nurturing environment that feels at once stimulating and family-like. One minute we’re discussing complicated patients together in clinic, and the next we’re getting our hands dirty with spicy seafood at Boiling Crab.
— Dr. Michelle Engle, Class of 2017
I have a lot of reasons, but the solid OB experience, balanced peds experience (both at a tertiary care center and community hospital), nightfloat system, and culture of support among residents are important to me. Also call here is a true family medicine experience—one minute you’re admitting a patient to the ICU, then next your answering floor calls on a pedi patient or delivering a baby. It’s really fun, and great preparation for anything.
— Dr. Jesse Rokicki-Parashar, Class of 2011
It feels like home.
— Dr. Takudzwa Shumba, Class of 2017
Great camaraderie amongst residents and faculty, ability to practice full-spectrum FM, commitment to education in primary care, and dedication to continuous quality improvement.
— Dr. Angela Chiang, Class of 2018
A terrific group of faculty and residents who engage me intellectually and personally each and every day.
— Dr. Grace Yu, Program Director
Hands down, the people. Both attendings and residents are able to joke, laugh, have fun and provide excellent, evidence-based patient care!
— Dr. Catherine Lin, Class of 2011
I was attracted to O’Connor due to the full spectrum, rigorous academic atmosphere, diverse patient population, and fierce dedication to the underserved.
— Dr. Mark Owolabi, Class of 2018